Engineered Projects by Upstate Valve and Control

At Upstate Valve and Control (UVC) we are specialists at finding solutions to automation problems,both large and small.

We are able to pull all the relevant diciplines togeather to create the optimal solution. 

Our engineering expertise and experience allows us to assess the requirements, design the best solution, source and procure the  equipement and coordinate the installation and start up of the project. 


Solar powered Actuator  

A remote tank valve needed to be operated from the central plant control room. Running a dedicated power line to the tank was too costly, so a solar powered solution was suggested. 

The solar collector , battery and controls were sourced by Upstate Valve and Control (UVC) and sized to power a Rotork IQT DC valve actuator.

The valve was below grade, so a pedestal and drive shaft were needed. All the specialized equipement was designed and procured by UVC. 





Ball valve automation upgrade

At a large pump station the 20",24",30" and 36" pump discharge ball valves were operated by old style hydraulic actuators. This old system was hard to maintain and obsolete. 

The operators wanted low mainainance and high reliability by utilizing electric actuators.

UVC Designed and procured specialized adaption to automate the valves with Rotork IQ electric actuators.

Also, to provide rapid emergency shut down, UVC provided a UPS  to deliver sufficient 3 phase power to all actuators in case of main power failure. 

A total of 18 large ball valves were automated for the project. 






Large sluice gate automation upgrade

Sluice gates on a CSO tunned were controlled by linear hydraulic actuators. These were ageing and required a lot of maintenance. 

Upstate Valve and Control was tasked with providing a cost effective engineering solution to replace the old actuators with new Rotork IQ electric units.

Actuator sizing, adaption design and procurement were done by UVC engineers. 

UVC and Rotork worked with the site contractor during installation.

Start up and commissioning was provided by Rotork and UVC. 






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